Blogger Challenge # 1

When I see you I see an elderly man with thinning grey hair and a sunburned patch of skin right in the middle. Included in my view is a slightly stooped frame. But when I see you I also see a handsome middle-aged man with a charming smile. And sometimes I glimpse a mischievous boy in your grin.Β  Within your brooding dark eyes, do you see me? I am wanting to hold all of you that I see, from the small boy in need of his mother to the elderly man who remembers her still with tears in his eyes.

This is a picture of how I see and love the whole life of a man in his present form


7 thoughts on “Blogger Challenge # 1

  1. I loved what you wrote here. It is very meaningful on so many levels.
    Made me wonder, does anyone see me in this way?
    Is this person like me at all or better yet am I like him in any way?
    It was sweet and very thought provoking to me.
    Thank you.


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