Case for a Creator

The water on this planet has always existed. It is simply recycled in a continual system of evaporation, condensation, and distillation. Once it is distilled it comes together with other water, where it all collects and follows the path of least resistance, always flowing from higher ground to lower ground. It is lead by gravity to always run towards the area of lowest ground, which ultimately is the sea, where it all collects together in the large bodies of water we know as the oceans. There it follows the cycle all over again. The water you see has always existed from the beginning of the Earth. Water comes from water.

In the same way each substance on this earth comes from somewhere. Human beings come from other human beings. Different species of animals are regenerated as their species multiply. We have never observed a member of one family producing a member of another family. Creatures that are of different families cannot reproduce. A cat cannot reproduce with a dog. I have not heard of any humans reproducing with apes either. So although within genus or families of classification some species or varieties are able to intermix and create many different varieties of their family or kind, they all come from the same source originally and one family of creature cannot produce a different kind.

Humans are the most complex of the organisms on this planet. Their intelligence is the most powerful and therefore they in large manner manage the planet. They manage the other living things which tend to have a fear or respect of them.

In like manner, what being is more intelligent than the human being? Are we the most intelligent? Or is it not likely that there is a more intelligent being above us that manages us and which we must fear and respect? Is this not God? I think it must be. And He manages and directs us as we manage and direct the creatures on this earth. Let us turn to Him and give Him our faith and trust and seek His guidance to direct us.


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